Our aims:

    to respond to the specific needs and aspirations of Black African, black Caribbean, Black British and other Black communities in London. To raise the profile of the contribution and specific requirements of these communities. To build sustainable and meaningful partnerships, Avoid duplication, share resources allocated to these communities and enhance working relations between local communities based organisations.

Our mission:

    to improve the quality of life experienced by all Black African, Black Caribbean, Black British and other Black communities particularly those affected by a health condition, physical or mental, through the development of a robust partnership that builds on its members, ensures the delivery of holistic and responsive services and facilitates achievement of excellence.

Our values:

    service user centred- ensuring that the objectives, strategies and services of the partnership are designed to meet the requirements of those members of the Black African, black Caribbean, Black British and other Black communities most in need, therefore ensuring the highest possible standards.


    ensuring that the partnership provides and assists members to provide, high quality services to Black African, Black Caribbean, Black British and other Black communities.

Equality and diversity:

    ensuring that the partnership actively pursues equality of opportunity and recognises diversity and challenges discrimination throughout its work.



    is open to any non-for-profit organisations based in or offering services pan London, managed by members of the African, Black Caribbean, Black British and other Black communities and delivering services to African, Black Caribbean and other Black communities, especially those addressing healthcare issues and well-being.
    Some of the support we have received from various VCS’s local authorities, Health Watch, CCG’s includes funding for capacity building, training for partner organisations in governance, undertaking needs assessment, monitoring and evaluation, project planning and tailored support for individual partners.
    We have delivered a number of successful joint activities. We benefit from our capacity to draw on the synergies.

Our functions and services

    We have identified 5 key functions and the associated services


    promoting the delivery of complementary services and developing joint creative and sustainable solutions Coordinating forum member organisations and pooling resources to realise potential synergies Development of annual plans, effective procedures and training programme for member organisations

Advocacy and representation:

    taking a representational role on local policy decision-making and other health advisory and/strategic forums   Promoting the interests of African, Black Caribbean and other Black communities and providing a point of contact to Black organisations that provides health services to people who are hard to reach. Policy work to influence local policies in order to improve the conditions of African, Black Caribbean and other Black communities.


    providing a strong, collective voice for Black community based organisations. Providing a point of contact and consultation between African, Black Caribbean and other Black communities and local health consultative processes. Collecting latest and relevant health research for members and monitoring and evaluating member’s activities. Championing the needs and views of the Black community organisations.

Partnership building:

    supporting the collaboration between Black community organisations in London.  Providing a platform for forum members for learning and sharing their experiences   facilitating working relationships with other voluntary organisations. Developing consortia or partnership bids to maximise success rate and minimise duplication of effort. Organisational capacity building and technical support. Identifying capacity building needs among members and referring to appropriate service providers. Sourcing or identifying resources or specialists to help members to continue to improve service delivery in areas such as financial sustainability, premises, technical support, specialist advice and information.